Nigeria constitution: Legal Practitioner advocates citizens’ consent before implemention

A legal practitioner has advocated that Nigeria’s constitution be tabled before the citizens before its been implemented.

The lawyer, Godswill Mrakpor posited that Nigerians need to be consulted before the constitution is put to use.

The legal practitioner said Nigerians should decide on what they want in the constitution.

Godswill Mrakpor was speaking in Lagos to newsmen on whether or not Nigeria’s constitution could work on the heels of insecurity.

A lawmaker, senator Adeyeye had said the constitution cannot make progress in tackling insecurity in Nigeria.

Mrakpor claimed that there is no page in the Nigeria’s constitution where citizens needed to be consulted, hence the need for an amendment to the constitution by carrying Nigerians along before it is put to use.

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