8 A-list actors you forgot starred in music videos

Actress Emma Stone has revealed she will star in the music video for Paul McCartney’s next single.

The La La Land actress joins a long list of Hollywood A-listers who have been recruited by music stars.

Casting director Amanda Tabak says garnering talent for music videos helps the project “feel more special”.

she tells the BBC “It obviously gives the video a much greater audience,” .

However, Tabak says using well-known actors doesn’t necessarily mean a video will be shared far and wide.

she says It’s not dependent on the talent that a music video gets talked about. “I think it really depends on the narrative of the video, whether it required somebody at that level.

“I’m sure people just think an actor walks down the street, bumps into someone from a band and says, ‘Yeah, lets do a video together!’ But it doesn’t work quite like that!”

Tabak suggests that much like films, the quality of a music video is more down to whether the actor is right for the director’s vision and script.

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